Monday, March 31, 2014

Step 2: Paperwork and political opponents

Of course there's paperwork. You can't just sign up to be in an election. Along with campaign finance paperwork, you must also file with the Missouri Ethical Commission as well as your local Alderman board.

Te financial disclosure statement for political subdivisions is to track if I or my wife had any financial dealings with the City of St. Louis in the last year valued over $500. I've sent mine in for the MEC, but not the Alderman yet because I've yet to dig up their address.

I don't plan on setting up an election committee, but one might just happen against my will if someone decides to try to get me elected. But hold your horses because I can only have one per election sought (which makes me realize I could have signed up for a few more elections had I known). If you want all the fun details, you can read this MEC PDF on the various campaign committees.

Also, I've been contacted by the person running for the Representative of the 78th in St. Louis City. She is way more politically active than I am, and is actually involved in quite a few noteworthy causes, including getting people registered to vote. I advise checking out Natalie A. Vowell if you're of a voting mind.

She informed me she was indirectly accused of "signing up this Frank Horton" person. I'm excited to have political opponents, and look forward to whatever dirt they dig up on me. Will I be betrayed by a facebook friend? Will my dark secrets be exposed with my photo with known libertarians Penn and Teller? Will someone call my cat Marcellus ugly and fat? Because he certainly is.

August 5th is still far away, but already things are getting more and more exciting.  

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