Monday, February 18, 2013

Breaking the internet funk

Of late, I have been trying to break myself out of being too much of an internet junky. I find myself mindlessly zoning out and scrolling through reddit and fark links without truly consuming what’s being presented. Once upon a time I would read through scientific papers published on line, and now I skim a paragraph or two before moving on. This is not good.

So what’s the plan? Give up my favorite websites? I don’t think it’s gotten to that point yet. Mostly, I need to get back into creative mode. If you aren't creating, you are consuming and giving nothing back. Even if I’m just giving back terrible rehashes and blatant rip offs of bad science fiction, I am creating. I’ve had a book in my brain for years (As does any person who has ever fancied themselves a writer) and I have this blog.

Some things I am doing better. I’ve been reading the Lord of the Rings for the first time since my teen years and really enjoying it, which tells me I haven’t lost my ability to read and comprehend complicated text. And while it helps to have watched the movies, the way I see much of the scenery from the text is different than how Peter Jackson portrayed it.

But I can be using my time better. I’m using my spare time to study for my N+ networking certification and want to stop using my laptop while watching TV shows I care about (you really don’t have to pay attention to Pawn Stars like you do True Blood).

I’m sure I will also be posting about things I hate when it comes to the internet in coming weeks to keep me on my path, but it’s a little at a time.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Keeping your stuff safe in South City

A few helpful tips if you want to live in South City and continue to own things. Most people would suggest leaving for some boring suburb filled with white people acting white. I do not condone such actions. You will not find more entertaining people anywhere around the City or County.

That being said, here are some things to know to keep yourselves and your things safe in the City.

1: Get a gun

They are fairly cheap and easy to get, legally or illegally. What you'll need to do is occasionally go into your yard and shoot a few rounds into the air to let people know you own a gun and are pretty dangerous. It doubles as a New Years noisemaker as well. Some people may tell you a shotgun or smaller gun will be good for home defense, but honestly you just need noise and the biggest gun possible. You'll want to go handgun because they look cool as well.

2: Get a dog

My dogs will bark their heads off at anyone walking by the fence. I generally let them go with it. It's like gun that can lick you and your wife won't yell at you when you play with a dog when drunk.

3: Keep up appearances.

If you see that and then notice the high amount of dog crap that hasn't been picked up in the bark yard, are you really doing to break in? This is a two part step: Keep your outside looking like crap and don't own nice things. Case in point: The quality of these photos.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Why aren't you supporting live wrestling?

Seriously, I've been going to more local wrestling events and it is fantastic. You can get hammered for cheap on Busch products and watch spandex clad dudes throw each other around.

What you can't see is the Save Ferris tattoo across his "abs".
Now, I'm basing this on being someone who finds the pro wrestling on TV to be annoying and full of assholes talking about nothing and give you very little action. When you go to a Knights of Columbus in Alton Illinois, pay fourteen bucks to get in and a dollar per beer, you are going to have more fun than you know what to do with. Seriously, I got four hours of fun and entertainment this weekend and managed to keep it to budget.

There are plenty of places you can see these guys (and girls!) go at it in the squared circle. First off is to check St. Louis Anarchy Wrestling for times. Second is to check the St. Louis Wrestling website for dates at South Broadway Athletic Club and the East Carondelet Community Center.

So now that you have shown up to an event, what should you do? You may need a few drinks your first time to get you in the proper mood, but what you do is you cheer and boo, you yell and holler. It's wrestling and these people want you loud and want you coming back.

Best part is the wrestlers are very happy you came out.